img_20161220_155646.jpgIt was perhaps in an epic cliche yoga moment, that on a yoga mat after a great class that an a ha moment came to me; that I could do something on a daily basis that helps me connect with my body in a positive way, brings me calmness, reminds me of my inner strength and most importantly helps me embrace every wave that life brings my way. Yoga helped me overcome some dark places that life’s challenges brought me to and brought so much light and energy to help me move forward. Thanks to timing and life throwing me some wild cards. I left my full time job, took some much needed time off and embarked on a yoga journey full of teacher training’s and discovery. Whilst my first reasons for doing a crazy amount of yoga was so I could better my practice, ground myself in life and throw in some crazy moves while cooking dinner in my yoga pants. It became so much more.

I received my RYT 200 hour teacher training in Liquid Flow Yoga with Simon Park. In addition, followed many vinyasa based workshops including fundamentals & Deepening Vinyasa with Claudia van der Tier & Daphne Koken at GLOW.  Currently, I am in the process of working towards my Birthlight Practitioner Diploma (perinatal and postnatal yoga). I have also followed further yoga alliance teaching modules in Women’s Wisdom (empowerment, fertility & pelvic floor) with Nianna Bray and in partner yoga through Rainbow Yoga.  As well as additional teaching modules in baby & toddler yoga from Jip & Jan Academie in the Netherlands. For my home practice, a great influence is  Lesley Fightmaster. It was my cousin Alexa who first introduced me to yoga and has been in my yoga journey thoughts ever since.

In 2017, I decided to start Yoga Galim , meaning waves in Hebrew. After all, in life we experience many waves of emotion, energy and life events that bring us to high peaks and sometimes moments that may come crashing down before a new life wave begins. In addition to yoga, I write my blog The Other Chapter about my latest adventures in life both on and off the mat, including many healthy recipes.  Armed with a husband who may be superman, two mischievous cats, a love for cookies and a sense of humor. I invite you to embrace the waves of life through Yoga Galim or to simply sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy reading my blog.

Based in the Netherlands, my international background brings me the opportunity to practice yoga and write on a beach in Tel Aviv or in a living room in the U.S.

Flowing with the waves of life

-Libby Halevi

  (Teacher, Founder, Blogger, Adventurer & Dreamer )



 Relate, share, join and send only positive vibes

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